Musical Targets Star Spangled Banner
A man and his Ruger 10/22 play the 'Star Spangled Banner' at Musical Targets.

WATCH: Man Plays ‘Star Spangled Banner’ with Rifle

A man and his Ruger 10/22 use musically tuned, metallic targets to play the 'Star Spangled Banner' at the all new Musical Targets shooting range.

What if you could combine your love of firearms with your love for music? That’s what the people at Musical Targets thought when they opened.

The all new shooting range features metal targets that are labeled with keys that represent the note they play.

Recently, Musical Targets released a video in which a man and his Ruger 10/22 play the “Star Spangled Banner.”

According to the Musical Targets website:

We love to shoot.

But shooting at paper targets, standard gongs, and various other plinking sets got…well, repetitive. We felt there must be something to provide a more dynamic and challenging means of entertainment to the sport. That’s when engineer and company founder, Chas, came up with the brilliant idea to produce melodic feedback from the targets. After several test targets, countless hours of grinding and measuring steel, and a frustrating amount of attempts to reliably hang the targets, Musical Targets was born.

For more information on Musical Targets, please visit or visit the Musical Targets Facebook page.

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