Starbucks gun drama continues, advocates bring pistols to coffee shop.

In Wisconsin, people are allowed to carry a gun in…

In Wisconsin, people are allowed to carry a gun in a public place, as long as it’s openly displayed and the business owner doesn’t object. On Sunday, gun rights advocates decided to test that law at a coffee shop.

Joseph Schneider was one of more than 50 armed people standing outside the Starbucks in Sussex around noon Sunday. They are part of gun rights advocates Wisconsin Carry. Schneider said the gun is for protection.

“Police can’t be everywhere, unfortunately. I know the response times are good around here, but the average crime is quicker,” Schneider said.

Schneider was at the China Wok Chinese restaurant in Sussex last week. He says his gun was holstered and visible. A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper eating lunch there asked the owner if he allowed guns in the building, and he said no. The trooper approached Schneider. The incident was caught on video from a camera held by Schneider.

“(The) Owner says he don’t want guns in here,” the trooper said.

“I did not know that,” Schneider responds.

“OK, so either you got to go secure that gun in the trunk, but you can’t have it in here,” the trooper said.

The owner then said he was OK with the gun. The trooper backed off, saying Schneider could stay if the owner didn’t object. But Wisconsin Carry claims the trooper was trying to intimidate the restaurant owner into objecting to the gun.

Read the rest of Michael George’s article at TMJ4 Milwaukee.

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  • I got stopped for a tag violation (forgot to put new sticker on ) a few months ago in Ky. I told the trooper I had a .357 in the glove compartment and a .45 on my hip and showed he my ccw lic. He said cool and wanted to look at the .357 snubbie, said he had one just like it. BTW, I found that dang sticker

  • Chris

    @ Awlhattin:

    I think you’re onto something big; might want to get the idea of such an establishment patented! 😀

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    ‘ I’ll have a Venti Caffe’ Dolce Americano Latte with a pinch of Madagascar Cinnamon and a box of .357 Mag 125gr Hollowpoints, please. ‘