Steyr Arms now importing Steyr MA-1 and SA-1 line of pistols starting in August.

Steyr Pistol S-A1 From Steyr Arms: We are pleased to…

Steyr Pistol S-A1

From Steyr Arms:

We are pleased to announce that Steyr Arms will again import the Steyr MA-1 and SA-1 line of pistols starting in August. SAI will import additional quantities of both models in both a 9mm version as well as a .40 S&W. The MA-1 and the SA-1 were two of Steyr’s best selling models, but the fall of the dollar versus the euro over the last several years caused the price point to escalate far too high to import. Internationally, the pistols sell for 610 Euro or over $800 at a 1.4 exchange rate.

However, SAI felt the price point needed to be much lower to truly compete in the US market. Due to a bulk buying agreement with Austria and the recent rise of the dollar against the Euro, it became much more economical to import some additional pistols into the USA.

Starting in August, SAI will be re-releasing both the MA-1 and SA-1 versions at a suggested retail price of $649. We are very excited to be able to offer these items again to the Steyr fanatics out there. Thank you for all of the emails and feedback over the last two years encouraging us to bring back the pistol! For more information about the pistol series, see your local Steyr retailer or call us at 205-655-8299.

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  • General Jim M

    One more thing about the Steyr,it’s fun to see the holes in the target right where the tip of the front triangular sight is held.The guy who designed this weapon worked for Glock.Gaston wasn’t interested in his’ ideas so he made the deal with Steyr.It’s a very solid pistol.When i shoot the pistol,it lines up just like if you were pointing your finger at something.The full size pistol conceals easily.

  • General Jim M

    Only ONE drawback on the Steyr pistols. The front of the pistol is vey TALL,it fits into few holsters.Now if Steyr could contract out to Blackhawk to make holsters for these pistols they could be more popular.I harly ever carry my Steyr because the holsters i have found for it are not fast retention holsters like Blackhawk.Springfield armory has the right idea.Someone out there should make good holsters for this fine combat pistol.I like Glocks but i’d class the Steyr as safer for the user,i own 7 Glocks.So that’s it.All Steyr has to do is get together with Blackhawk and police departments,if they are smart,will test out this combo for a true,worthy challenge to Glock dominance in police armories.

  • steve

    $649.00 for the steyrs is a rip-off! There at 5 other websites that have them for under $550.00….Not trying to be an asshole but as consumers, we do not like being raped.

  • I owned a MA-1 for about 2 years. Had Steyr factory night sights put on it. Great weapon, felt and looked good in the hand. I sold it to a female friend of mine who fell in live after shooting it; less felt recoil and all that. Now, I would like to purchase the SA-1. The MA-1 was as concealable as the Glock 23. The SA-1 should be even more so.

  • Eric

    Great gun! Try one at the range if you know someone who has one, but WHERE IS THE MARKETING???