Stimulus dollars buy Tasers, sniper rifles for Oklahoma law enforcement.

Tasers, sniper rifles, officer salaries and hand-held ticket writers are…

Tasers, sniper rifles, officer salaries and hand-held ticket writers are among the things financed by more than $3 million in federal stimulus dollars awarded to law enforcement departments across the metro area.

Eight police departments and the sheriff’s department in Oklahoma County received 2009 Justice Department stimulus grants. Canadian and Cleveland County jurisdictions were awarded about $300,000.
The amounts were based on crime statistics and population.

“These are things we wouldn’t have been able to purchase otherwise,” said Bethany Police Chief Phil Cole. His department received about $34,000 in stimulus grant funds. “This gave us some breathing room.”

Cole said the money paid for 23 Tasers, in-car video cameras and computer equipment.

In Oklahoma City, the money is being used to finance officers’ salaries, according to federal stimulus data.

So far, city officials have spent about $580,000 on the salaries of part-time workers for sex offender registration and $517,000 for overtime pay for gang reduction and traffic enforcement programs. About $1.4 million in remaining funds will be used during the next two years, stimulus data show.

Source: Vallery Brown for NewsOK.

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