STOEGER Double Defense

This was one our favorite things from this year's NRA…


This was one our favorite things from this year’s NRA Show: A new way to look at home defense. Stoeger’s Double Defense is a 20 or 12-gauge shotgun that’s perfect for protecting your home- and at $469, it’s also perfect for your wallet.  Stoeger has been making double barrel shotguns for years, so it’s refreshing to see them enter the defense market.  Good news Californians: It is legal in your state!

It features a pair of ported barrels, a light-gathering fiber-optic front sight, black matte furniture and an accessory rail. One of the display models carried a new Burris weaponlight with a laser that’s based off of Insight’s M6X.

In closing, Stoeger’s new Double Defense shotgun is a very interesting product that was one of the biggest surprise’s to the entire industry.

Barrel: 20″
Trigger: Single
Sights: Green Bar
Overall Length: 36.5″
Average Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Length of Pull: 14.5″
Drop at Heel: 2.5″
Drop at Comb: 1.5″

stoeger-double-defense-break-open-lever-and-thumb-safety.jpg burris-light-on-stoeger-double-defense-shotgun-rail.jpg

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  • Bobby

    Also read a tiny bit about it in Shooting Times.
    I have to make a note to buy one later.

  • Sgt. Jerry Mulligan

    Wish to buy or trade for one of the Stoeger double defense 12 gauge. Can you help me?

    Sgt. Jerry Mulligan OHPD (Ret)

  • Jeb

    Kewl Dewd.

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