Store owner slaps gun away from armed robber.

He acted on instinct. His employee was staring at a…

He acted on instinct. His employee was staring at a gun pointed at her. The owner of a South Side cell phone store is speaking out about how he took the gun away from an armed robber on Tuesday, and his decision not to shoot. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

A suspect pulls out a gun and aims. But the store manager at Cricket slaps his arm down and takes him to the ground. In seconds, surveillance video shows Mostafa Mohammad wrestling the gun away.

“As soon as I got my grip on it, I was just making sure that he doesn’t get that gun, that I get it. Because he told me he was going to kill me,” Mohammad said.

Mohammad says his goal was saving the other people the suspect was aiming at.

“I had my co-worker, her daughter and another female. Three women and a baby child, you know, and it was just instinct that took over,” Mohammad said.

He knocked the gun down and a shot went off. The video shows the other worker in the store flinch. She was shot in the arm, but still able to jump the counter and hustle her child and her cousin to the exit.

Source: Pamela Jones for CBS 2 Chicago (click for video).

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