‘Storefront sting’ nets 60 arrests, drugs and guns (video)

On the outside, it looked like a normal storefront on…

On the outside, it looked like a normal storefront on Metropolitan Parkway in southwest Atlanta.

But the customers were mostly felons who came to the store to sell guns and drugs. And the store “employees” were actually undercover agents, U.S. Attorney Sally Qullian Yates said Wednesday.

“They put the word on the street that they were interested in buying guns and drugs and the criminals came knocking,” Yates said.

When all the arrests are made, 60 suspects are expected to be off the streets, along with 270 illegal firearms and thousands of dollars worth of drugs.

Some 33 rifles, 25 shotguns, seven sawed-off shotguns and three smoke grenades were taken straight from the hands of the sellers, many of them already convicted felons, Yates said. Forty suspects are expected to face federal firearms and drug trafficking charges, she said.

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