Strategic Tactical Group now Offers ‘Zombie Survival Course’

Zombies from Night of the Living Dead ...There are opportunities…

Zombies from Night of the Living Dead

…There are opportunities to train to reduce or mitigate zombie risk.

This weekend, Utah-based company Strategic Tactical Group offers its second three-day Zombie Survival Course. The class runs 10-12 hour days with three systems – pistol, rifle and shotgun. Students also have the opportunity to go through a hot house with live fire and simunitions. The class covers bug out bags, bugging out, and information on how and where to get a ham radio license to become part of a national emergency communication network.

The author of the linked article took the previous iteration of the class, and he can attest that it and the training provided by STG are top notch. While the class sounds like it could easily become a free-for all dangerous event due to the playful approach to surviving the worst, it does not. Safety is a priority, and an instructor is over the shoulder of every shooter giving commands and maintaining safety.

The following video has clips from the final shoot of the class. Shooters started with 10 push ups and sit ups, then shot from three positions around a barrier, then had to shoot and move with their rifle, transition to shotgun around a building structure and, finally run to 100 yards to complete final shots from a building structure:


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