Student group fighting for right to carry concealed carry at George Mason University (video).

Student Group Fighting For Right To Carry Concealed Weapons at…

Student Group Fighting For Right To Carry Concealed Weapons at George Mason University:

To bear or not to bear arms? That is the question of the week at George Mason University.

A group calling itself Students for Concealed Carry on Campus say this is “Gun Week” at George Mason. They are trying to call attention to their plight for the right to carry concealed weapons on the university property.

Leading the charge is a former marine and current criminal justice major, Karolyn Galarza.

“I have a concealed handgun permit for Virginia and I believe that I should be able to carry on campus because I have a concealed handgun permit,” Galarza said. “I don’t know why we can’t carry here to protect ourselves.”

GMU officials say they encourage debate, but will not be changing university policy which bans all weapons on GMU property.

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  • General Jim M

    You can’t carry because communists do not believe in the peasants being armed.They believe in their soldiers,police and bodyguards being armed but they do not want YOU to be armed.