Students at Georgia Tech participate in “Empty Holster protest” to allow firearms on campus (video).

Students at Georgia Tech Protest State's Campus Gun Law:…

Students at Georgia Tech Protest State’s Campus Gun Law:

Monday’s campus shooting in California happened on the first day of a nationwide student protest to carry concealed weapons on campus.

It’s called the Empty Holster protest.

At Georgia Tech, about 75 students involved in the organization called Georgia’s Students for Concealed Carry are protesting all this week. They are wearing empty gun holsters protesting the fact that it’s illegal to have guns on campus.

“It wouldn’t prevent the situation. The first shot’s still going to go off. There’s nothing we can do to guard against every person’s life in that case,”said Robert Eagar of Students for Concealed Carry. “But we would have seen the shooting end much more abruptly in my opinion. When a shooter is faced with resistance, they tend to either leave the area, commit suicide in some cases, or simply be injured by the defense. If they’re shot, they can’t continue shooting other students.”

Source: Julia Reynolds for My Fox Atlanta.

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  • justin

    oh come the hell on people lets look at this from a rational point of view guns help prevent violent crimes we have the statistics to back this up if a person is deemed responsible enough to get a ccw in the first place i think that they should be allowed to carry on school grounds and this whole argument well what if tempers rise due to alcohol or at a professor giving them a bad grade guess what if they feel strongly enough hey guess what they can still go get a damn gun and splatter their face all over the wall or stab them with pencils or pens it is all in the INTENT

  • Bruce Stirling

    Isn’t it amazing that the only product named in the bill of rights is a gun. Yet it has more laws against it than other products that are not protected. Still the NRA’s attorney’s can’t get gun laws overturned. What is it about the words “shall not be infringed” that they can’t defend? Keep up the good work!