Students want concealed carry permits to protect against active school shooters

Nine months after five students were shot to death in…

Nine months after five students were shot to death in a siege at Northern Illinois University and a year and a half after 32 others were killed by a deranged gunman at Virginia Tech University, college officials are ramping up police forces, installing brighter lights, building observation towers and attending security summits.

But students and faculty at schools large and small say the new attention to security isn’t easing their anxiety, and some are trying to take matters into their own hands. On dozens of campuses, student-led campaigns are under way to approve the carrying of concealed weapons.

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  • sheila

    HELL YES!!! they should be allowed to carry concealed. There have been too many shootings and campus police cannot be everywhere – Most college campuses are enormous – many acres in size. There is no way to adequately protect these students… Gun safety classes are needed but they do not need to have anything more stringent than anyone else who is of age…They have a 2nd amendment right to carry a weapon…whether you or anyone else thinks they should or shouldn’t needs to be irrelevant…in light of the 2nd Amendment which guarantees that right to students who are legal age and non-felons… They have this right guaranteed to them… it needs to be respected… Those students who shot people did not have any special permission to carry those guns on campus… because the bad guys don’t follow any laws… only the bad guys are armed and that is dangerous when no good people can fight back… Think a minute… this only makes sense…and it is already their 2nd amendment right. Young people of 18 are old enough to go to war and die for this country…responsibly carrying weapons… It is all right to defend the American people but it is scary and irresponsible for them to defend themselves… What kind of cockeyed logic is there in that???

  • Dennis Brooks

    The shootings at VA TECH could have been prevented if state law would have allowed the psych profile of the shooter to have been accessed during the gun purchase background check.

    The gun shop owner made no error in the transaction.

    Beyond that, I would contend that a properly trained and licensed student or professor would be more effective in defending against a shooter than a security guard that may or may not be physically close to the situation when action is required. And by the way, some of these “students” are old enough to carry a gun in the military.

    Checkout Hilldale college in southern Michigan, an independent liberal arts college, which now offers course credits in shotgunning and trap shooting and will soon offer the same for handguns.

    Remember, locks are for honest people and laws are for law abiding citizens.

  • zac geiwitz

    should pass 3 month training in safety and decision making with 90% or higher. and have quota for number who carry. nothing larger than a .25 though(reasonably a good size self defense for circumstance). may not be a bad idea in the right hands. im not old enough to even buy a gun but consider my self pretty good at reading peoples intentions and they seemed sincere about it in the video. like i said it should be a highly regulated thing but could be beneficial.

  • Hell no, is right. I can see hiring mature, trained people, strategically placed in locations at schools but giving guns to students would wind up being catastrophic. I am a retired man, a bit
    on the senior side, but still very capable of doing a job such as`is required for school safety duty.

  • mr_rat

    HELL no students shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns, a well “intentioned” student can become and “ill intentioned” student in a blink of an eye, or with a drop of alcohol, so then we are arming, terrorist activity of a sort.