Suburban Police Using Dodge Chargers as Squad Cars

As Lake County sheriff's deputy Dave McNichol patrols the neighborhoods…

As Lake County sheriff’s deputy Dave McNichol patrols the neighborhoods of Deer Park on his beat, he’s occasionally stopped by residents who want to talk about, of all things, his cruiser.

McNichol is happy to oblige. He knows the silver-and-black Dodge Charger Pursuit he’s been driving for about a month is eye-catching.
He also knows anything that gets people talking with police officers is a good thing.

“We stress community policing,” said McNichol, who got one of the department’s new Chargers about four weeks ago and loves the car. “And this is a great opportunity to get out and meet the public.”

Several suburban police departments are turning to the Charger Pursuit, which is made by Chrysler, as their next-generation cruiser.

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