SUN DEVIL Custom Anodized AR Receivers

Sun Devil Mfg. has been flying under the radar in…


Sun Devil Mfg. has been flying under the radar in regards to their manufacture of high quality upper and lower receivers. At NRA, they introduced their new line of custom anodized receivers that will appeal to all types of AR users including tactical operators, hunters and competitive shooters. One of the newest colors is a matte Teflon nickel that carries a carbon resistant quality.

* CNC Machined from SOLID BILLET
* Stronger than castings or polymer receivers
* Many areas reinforced heavier than GI spec
* Several Finishes now available:

o Satin Black Hard Anodized
o Satin Colored Anodized (check for current availability)
o Black Molycoat
o Devilcoat (Nickel/Teflon)

Exclusive (Patent Pending) Tension Screw – Built into Lower Receiver:
Sun Devil’s tension screw effectively eliminates any unwanted “slop” between upper and lower receivers for superior accuracy.

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