“Super-taser” that fires 500 volt “bullet” up to 65ft considered for U.K. L.E. use.

The extended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP), already used by police…

The extended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP), already used by police in the US, fires a barbed electrode from a modified 12-bore shotgun.

It hooks into the target’s skin before administering a 20 second shock which renders the subject totally incapacitated.

And if the recipient tries to pull the device off, ”reflex engagement electrodes” complete a circuit that sends the shock through the subject’s body through their hand. Amnesty International has expressed ”serious concern” about the XREP and are worried by news it could be authorized in the UK.

XREP manufacturers Taser International describe the taser as a ”revolutionary” step towards immobilizing dangerous criminals from a greater distance than ever before.
Traditional hand-held Taser stun guns can fire electrified darts up to 25 feet and deliver a five-second shock, which can be retriggered.

A spokesman for XREP said: ”This is the first wireless projectile that can deliver less-than lethal electro-muscular incapacitation at long range.
”Launched from a 12-gauge shotgun platform, this innovative device is set to revolutionize law enforcement operations and will give military forces an effective, less lethal option up to a range of 20m.”

Amnesty International claim 334 people in the US died between 2001 and 2008 after being targetted by the stun gun.

K’s arms program director, Oliver Sprague, said: ”This is effectively a shotgun that fires electric-shock bullets.

”Because this bullet can be fired wire-free from a standard shotgun there is a heightened risk of causing serious injury to the face and head.
”We’re also concerned by the fact that these weapons will deliver an excruciatingly painful shock for 20 seconds.

”Amnesty would be very alarmed if the Home Office were to consider authorizing this weapon to police officers in the UK.”

A Home Office spokesman said: ”The Home Office Scientific Development Branch is considering the XREP as part of its on-going remit to evaluate new technologies.

”All new technologies are subjected to the most stringent safety tests and independent medical evaluation before they can be considered for police issue. The Government and the police have no current plans to introduce XREP tasers into service.”

Tasers have been used in around 6,000 incidents in England and Wales since they were introduced in April 2004.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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  • JJM

    Ok. 334 people dead as a result of Tasers in over 6000 incindents. So we have the possibility of 6000 shootings, and accompanying legal and health costs as opposed to 334 dead.

    Now even a British Cop can hit someone with a weapon that would be fatal in 50% of the cases.
    So if we had 6000 shootings, with 3000 fatalties, we would have 10 times the fatals that Amnesty is worried about.

    Can we get a Crook to mug Amnesty’s lawyers?

  • charl

    ooh just what i’m looking for but can it be fired through a paintball gun?