Suppressors for hunting rifles legal in Texas as of September 1, 2012.

David Bahde photo The state will begin offering permits for…

David Bahde photo

The state will begin offering permits for game hunters to use silencers on their guns, effective Sept. 1.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted rules in March that permit the use of silencers for the hunting of alligators, game animals or game birds. Such devices already were legal for the hunting of exotic animals, including feral hogs.

However, hunters will still have to apply for state permits to have and use silencers.

Source: KXAN

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma will probably not be far behind. The Game Rangers are still whining about it but reality is poaching happens no matter what and in many places we are almost overun.For thos ewho live near hunting grounds this will be nice for them not to get rattled out of bed at the crack of dawn. Alot of Europen countries have it with no issues and some have made it mandatory to keep the noise down.