Supreme Court to decide when police without warrant are able to search cars

WASHINGTON– The Supreme Court will decide when police without a…

WASHINGTON– The Supreme Court will decide when police without a warrant are able to search the vehicle of a person  who is under arrest. After a Tucson, Ariz. man was handcuffed and seated in the back of a patrol car under police supervision, police searched his car without a warrant, possibly violating the man’s Fourth Amendment rights.  Arizona Supreme Court ruled searches that occur in these circumstances do violate these rights and is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn that ruling.

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  • ava8harrierusmc1

    Ok Jonathon you are right in some of the statements that you spoke the new world order is not right I agree with you on that statement and the gun free zone is made for poor parts of cities like people whom are on welfare. I totally agree with you on that. but Jonathon use words that will make you look as though you have some common knowlege of what you are saying it makes you look better in other peoples eyes dude. Jonathon some things are better not said just do what you have to do. As I writing this to you I know you never know who will be reading this. Dude the goverment people read also so please calm down! You don’t want to wind up on a list, I know I’m already on it and it’s not fun.
    SEMPER FI Jonathon

  • The constitution is very clear on that as well as the other bullshit that the illegal regime and its gun goons try to violate routinely. Just like the clear violation of the commerce clause in the guy illegally ramrodded wearing the bullet resistant vest and the bullshite regarding the gun free zone around your NEW WORLD ODOROUS pubic schools being a clear violation. As such it was correctly struck down as being exactly what it is. Then the Preeks doe an end run as they have been doing on the constitution ever since it was written. The piggy nazi gestapo culture that has been spawned and grown up in the last forty years or so is of Orwellian or Hitleresque proportions now days. You guys sit around here getting your rocks off with all of these so called articles getting off on any illegal occurence by the regime to destroy the constitution and its clear meaning. “SHALL NOT” is completely unambiguous unless your have a hole in your damned head. Of course piggly wigglies do as the gun goons for the power monkeys in this country. In the end it will be settled with a revolution/civil war. The good guys against you and yours the bad guys and the power monkeys you prop up. Like the gestapo and SS did for Hitler and KGB for Stalin and so forth.