Suspect in White House shooting to be charged with assassination attempt.

Oscar Ramiro ­Ortega-Hernandez, the man accused of firing shots near…

Oscar Ramiro ­Ortega-Hernandez, the man accused of firing shots near the White House last week will be charged with attempting to assassinate the president or a member of his staff, a federal prosecutor said Thursday.

Source: CNN

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  • LtCol.JamesP Mueller

    I’m surprised that the press isn’t trying to track down fanatical Hispanics.If it was a “white” guy with a different kind of name ( examples: irish,scottish,german,dutch.french… get the picture )The press and the Southern Poverty communist center would be hunting for right wing militias.Maybe the guy was trying to shoot a Republican that was visiting the Whitehouse.Well,anyway,he wasn’t very effective.What kind of gun did he use?It sure wasn’t a 338 Lapua.Well i think it’s overblown,obviously a demented nutjob.He looks more muslim than Mexican to me.The press could change his’ name.Of course the whole story could be a fabrication. Only morons believe the press nowadays.

  • VTGunner

    Little over the top. Every indication is that he wasn’t even shooting at the White House just some stray bullets found its way there. No Obummer will play this up for some kind of sympathy vote…ugh I hate liberal logic.