Suspected US drone found in waters off Masbate, Philippines baffles officials

“We are trying to confirm this interpretation and to determine how and when it may have landed in the sea,” said embassy spokesperson Tina Malone in a statement on Monday.

The US Embassy in Manila said the type of drone found off Masbate is not armed and not used for surveillance.

The drone — an unmanned aerial vehicle — was recovered off Sitio Tacdugan in San Jacinto town Sunday morning, according to Masbate provincial police chief Senior Superintendent Heriberto Olitoquit.

The US Embassy, however, is still verifying if the drone belongs to the US military.

“We are aware of reports that an apparently US-made unmanned aerial vehicle was recovered in the waters off of Masbate this weekend,” Malone said. “The recovered vehicle appears to be of the sort that is used as an air defense target in training exercises.”

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