SWAT team members in Tennessee take training to greater heights.

Image: Police.nashville.org It's a chance to apply the latest in…

Image: Police.nashville.org

It’s a chance to apply the latest in technology, tactics and training. For the 11th year, law officers statewide are gathering for a week-long conference.

“It’s gotten bigger and better every year,” said Florence Lieutenant Mike Holt.

“We have guys where this is their first year to ever be in a tactical operator or a SWAT guy, and we’ve got guys that are in their 30th year,” said Holt. “You can ask each one and they both learn something at every single conference and they meet somebody new, and they will say, ‘I never thought about doing something that way.’ And it just works out great.”

Source: Jerrita Patterson for WHNT.

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  • General Jim M

    And just what is all of this training for?