Swedish Police Baffled by Explosives Near Nuclear Power Plant

Two days after nuclear officials found a small amount of…

Two days after nuclear officials found a small amount of explosives on a forklift on the grounds of Sweden’s largest nuclear power plant, police said they still had no clues about possible perpetrators or how the material got there.

Officers completed a search of the plant’s premises in the morning, but found no other explosives, police spokesman Tommy Nyman said Friday.

“There’s no suspect and we’re trying to find out the motive now … how it could get in there, and why,” he said.

Nuclear officials said they had received no threats.

Nyman said investigators were analyzing witness statements and security camera footage of the vehicle’s movements. He declined to give more details.

Power utility Vattenfall said the clay-like, fist-sized explosive was found on a fire extinguisher in the forklift during a routine check as it entered the high-security enclosure, where the four reactors are situated, from the plant’s adjoining industrial area.

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