Swiss vote to keep guns (video).

Following an emotional debate over gun control, Swiss voters firmly…

Following an emotional debate over gun control, Swiss voters firmly rejected a referendum that would have forced soldiers to end the longstanding practice of keeping army-issue firearms at home and tightened restrictions over civilian gun ownership.

According to exit polls, 57% of voters rejected the initiative. The referendum sparked a heated debate over the right to bear arms in a country that has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world.

Between 1.2 million and 4.5 million firearms are estimated to be in circulation in Switzerland, putting the Alpine country behind only the U.S. and Yemen in guns per capita.

The number is particularly high because members of the Swiss militia have traditionally keep their army-issued rifles or pistols at home, to be ready to defend the nation at a moment’s notice. Switzerland has virtually no standing army, relying instead on conscripted militia for national defense.

Source: Deborha Ball for WSJ.

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  • Wm Johnson

    AMEN to what Col RJ Ingold said…..Without a Strong 2nd Amendment – the rest of the Bill of Rights – would be useless……………….

  • Breitbart also carries this news. Good for the Swiss…Too bad they are not a Constitutional Republic w a 2ND Amendment…..democracy can be the tyranny of the majority…thus suppressing the minorities God given rights to self defense….one only needs to look at Chicago, or DC or LA or Kalifornia to see the tyranny of the Democrat majority…IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE NRA AND ACTIVE SOVERIGN CITIZENS..OUR REPUBLIC WOULD BE UNDER THE THUMB OF THE ELITE, RULING CLASS. RESIST NEVER SUBMIT.