Syrian Fighting Continues to Spread into Lebanon

Fears of a Middle Eastern powder keg continue to grow…

Fears of a Middle Eastern powder keg continue to grow as fighting intensifies in the Syrian Civil War, drawing in combatants from neighboring states.

Lebanese supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad fired heavy machine-guns and lobbed mortar shells at each other Thursday in some of the worst fighting in the port city of Tripoli in years.

The battles raised the five-day death toll to 16 and fed fears of the Syrian civil war spreading to Lebanon and other neighbouring countries.

The violence also added to the urgency to U.S.-Russian efforts to bring both sides of the Syrian conflict to a peace conference in Geneva. Members of the Syrian opposition began three day meetings in Istanbul to hash out a unified position on whether to attend, while maintaining that Assad’s departure from power should be the goals of the negotiations.


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