Tac-Ops Tactical Laser Tag became a target for thieves

Two men break into a unique Valley business. The suspects…

Two men break into a unique Valley business. The suspects took off with specialized game gear- the kind you can only find at Tac-Ops Tactical Laser Tag.

Fresno police detectives are reviewing surveillance video which captured the crime on camera. It was a mission that, for the thieves, ended up being unsuccessful. Before the men broke in, they cased the Northwest Fresno business, located on North Golden State Boulevard.

Cameras capture a white pickup truck. It stops, drives away, and comes back. Using flashlights, two men went straight for the office. They took off with a laser tag weapon, a light, some power tools, a make-up bag, and an empty camera bag.

It was a lot of trouble, for a whole lot of nothing. Tac-Ops general manager Dexter Morgan says they probably thought that laser tag weapon could be of value. “Without any other laser tag weapons its pretty much a fancy paper weight, it’s an expensive paper weight but it’s just a paper weight, you can’t use it, you can’t play with it, you can’t do anything.”

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