Tactical Command’s West Coast division is expanding operations.

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Tactical Command’s corporate headquarters announced the acquisition of a new facility in the region where TCI’s West Coast Division currently operates. TCI’s West Coast business unit is currently operating in Antioch, California. Incidentally, TCI was founded in 1996 in Antioch, California by Don Medine, a service disabled Police Sergeant and Tactical Team Leader.

According to the company president, “The purchase and acquisition of the new facility for the company in Brentwood, California is exciting, but also delineates the end of part of the company’s history. We started the company in Antioch and we have operated a business unit there since the beginning.” Mr. Medine continued, “Part of my law enforcement career was with the police department in Brentwood, so it seemed quite natural for the company to move there.”

On June 27, 2011, TCI’s West Coast Division will be commencing operations at 2150 Elkins Way, Brentwood, California 94513. In doing so, TCI’s Antioch, California facility will be closed. The Brentwood facility will provide the company with space needed to expand customer service, production and R&D functions. Tacticalcommand.com.

About Tactical Command Industries, Inc.
TCI is a tactical headset development and manufacturing company with offices in New Hampshire, Indiana and California. They have supported law enforcement, military and security operations in over sixty countries and are celebrating their fifteenth year in business. TCI has experienced tactical operators who maintain proficiencies in tactical applications, equipment and tactics. Their personnel trains with customers and many customers believe they have the most comprehensive understanding of tactical requirements in the industry…

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