Tactical Firearms claims they were misrepresented on Piers Morgan Tonight (video)

CNN’s Piers Morgan chose Tactical Firearms, a Katy gun shop…

CNN’s Piers Morgan chose Tactical Firearms, a Katy gun shop and shooting range as the backdrop for Monday’s episode of “Piers Morgan Tonight”. Included in the Monday’s debate were Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, State Senator Dan Patrick and Ted Nugent.

Tactical Firearms owner, Jeremy Alcede claims Morgan told him he wanted to use the time at the gun shop as a learning exercise.

Alcede said, “He said, well, I’d like to learn more about guns. People criticize me, saying, how can I be against guns if I don’t know anything about guns?”

Sounds good so far.

“I said man, this is going to be really good, he really is wanting to find out.”

Alcede says he was told the segment he was in would be live, but that wasn’t the case.

“The points that I did make were just garbled to the point that people were asking why was I speaking in broken sentences, and I said, look back at the video and you’ll see, in one instance I’m wearing glasses, one I’m not. One hearing protection, one not. They just chopped it up so bad it wasn’t even funny.”

Source: News Fix Now

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  • Chris U’5

    Don’t worry, everyone in the UK hates him too…maybe he should be deported to France? We certainly don’t want him back!

  • JH

    Morgan is a criminal who fled the UK. Jeremey Clarkson the best car show host in the world punched Morgan a few years ago for being a d-bag.