Developed with input from the world-class Austrian COBRA unit, Steyr's…

Developed with input from the world-class Austrian COBRA unit, Steyr’s new SSG08 sniper rifle is packed full with features that make this rifle worthy of being called the most advanced design on the market, while also providing users with a newfound rugged innovation in rifle technology.

Aerospace aluminum is used in the stock to save weight while also improving ruggedness. Not only does the rifle look rugged, but it proves worthy of rugged use in extreme environmental conditions: The Safe Bolt System (SBS) from Steyr Mannlicher is not only one of the safest bolt systems ever designed, but it also has ice, mud and residue grooves machined into the bolt that guarantee reliable operation.


For more details on Steyr’s new SSG08 Sniper Rifle, stay tuned with, look for it in an upcoming issue of one of our LE magazines or check out

Visit Steyr at booth #411 at the NRA Show in Louisville, Ky. May 16-18 to see the gun firsthand!!

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  • Excellent rifle ,i used many steyrs and this it would be well known in the near future among spec ops operators.Besides that the author is a worl authority in sniping and ,very famous in Argentina sniping comunity.

  • 47

    Meu filho que coisinha linda é essa……..companmheiro pela primeira vez estou apaixonado

  • 101stVet

    I own an SSG69 that is about 12 years old. I am an average shot accuracy wise with most rifles but look like a hero with the SSG. The 1st time I fired three rounds through it I thought I only hit the target at 100 yards one time. I was furious as the rifle was quite expensive. At the next break I went down range and discovered 3 holes that could be covered by a nickel. If anything its gotten better since then. I’ve already talked to my local gun dealer about reserving an SSG08 as soon as they become available. If you don’t want to take my word for it check out Boston!!

  • Al

    It is not as nice as my brand new Blazer but then again, what is? Seriously, does anyone have a comment on a used Steyr SBS Tactical 20″ heavy barrel w/ Springfield Armory scope 4-16*56? Other than the front sling swivel which was intentionally removed it appears to be in very nice shape. I haven’t paid for it yet but told them to put it on hold for me. The one problem with the Blazer is a serious cash outlay on my part.

  • Ahhhh, it is “DEFINITELY” L-O-V-E for this gal!!! 🙂

  • einstein121

    Ah, better than sex!!! 🙂

  • JM

    I would be the envy at deer camp

  • jonmaverick

    A sniper rifle with a ten round magazine? Miss much?

    • sniper R


      • Drkyte

        Unless you’re swimming or on fire.

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