Taliban Attacks Highly Regarded Afghan Army Unit

Taliban insurgents dealt a serious blow to one of the…

Taliban insurgents dealt a serious blow to one of the Afghan Army’s most highly regarded units on Friday, killing 13 soldiers and overrunning their outpost in eastern Afghanistan.

It was one of a series of bloody attacks by the insurgents during their current spring offensive that have helped to drive the rate of government fatalities to the highest level of the war. Afghan soldiers and policemen are dying at more than double the rate a year ago, according to military officials.

The numbers underscore how much more of the fighting has been handed over to Afghan forces and raise questions about how ready they are for the increased responsibility. Within the next few months, the NATO transfer to full Afghan control of security will be complete, with their forces responsible for security in 100 percent of the country, and NATO and American military forces moving to a support and training role as their numbers decline.

“We know the enemy’s going to come out hard this summer so the numbers are going to go up,” said Col. Thomas Collins, a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force, the formal name of the NATO-led military coalition.

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