Team GLOCK’s Dave Sevigny wins Ninth Title of 2010 at IDPA Nationals.

Team GLOCK continued their strong season of top finishes at…

Team GLOCK continued their strong season of top finishes at the 2010 International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) National Championship, held Sept. 22-25 in Tulsa, Okla. Team GLOCK Captain Dave Sevigny won his ninth IDPA National Stock Service Pistol championship and repeated as High Industry champion. Randi Rogers finished second Lady and fifteenth Master-class in Stock Service Pistol.

More than 400 skilled hand gunners from around the world faced 17 scenario-based defensive shooting challenges from low-light shoot house, as well as shooting while moving and engaging moving and partially obscured targets.

Sevigny and Rogers used the GLOCK 34 in 9×19 during the tournament. Statistics as reported from the IDPA Championship Equipment Survey demonstrate that the majority of competitors choose to compete at the IDPA Nationals with GLOCK pistols in hand.

“This definitely was one of the more complex IDPA Nationals I have attended,” stated Sevigny. “I’m excited to have won on such challenging courses.”

Rogers added, “This was a demanding match. Each competition is a learning experience and I was able to take away some very important lessons from each challenge.”

Other notable finishes came from Ohio police officer Robert Vogel who won the Custom Defensive Pistol division and High Law Enforcement championship with a GLOCK 21SF and 15-year-old Tori Nonaka from Va. who won the High Junior title with a GLOCK 34.

Team GLOCK will next compete at the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Nationals in South Carolina, Oct. 1-2.

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