Team SIG Captain Max Michel breaks records with eighth USPSA Area Title win for 2010.

Team SIG Captain Max Michel has made history with his…

Team SIG Captain Max Michel has made history with his recent Open Division Title win at the 2010 Area 2 Championships, held November 10-14, 2010 at the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Mesa, AZ. The Area 2 Championship was the final Area Championship of the 2010 season that Michel needed to win in order to become the first person in history to win all eight Area Championships in a single year.

Michel competed against 151 shooters in the Open Division and finished with 1135.0241 match points, or 100.00%, to ensure his place in the history books.

“The Area 2 is a very competitive area with lots of great history. Rio Salado Gun Club is known for setting up fun, challenging stages and Match Director Paul Caudill and his crew did not disappoint this year,” commented Michel. “Plenty of top level shooters came out to the Area 2 Championships this year and I have to thank my friends, family and sponsors for all the support. My father especially has helped to guide me and teach me to be a better shooter. I aim to be the father and man he is everyday.”

The Area 2 Championship concludes Michel’s 2010 competitive season on a high and memorable note.

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