Tear gas may have inflamed cabin where fugitive ex-LA cop believed dead

Sheriff's deputies who believed they had cornered a fugitive ex-cop…

Sheriff’s deputies who believed they had cornered a fugitive ex-cop in the mountains above Los Angeles did not purposely torch a cabin where a nine-day manhunt ended, but the deputies may have ignited the blaze by firing tear gas, officials said on Wednesday.

Former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, 33, was wanted in a killing spree targeting law enforcement officers that left four people dead. A man matching his description was surrounded inside a lodging nestled in the San Bernardino National Forest on Tuesday.

“We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out,” San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said at an afternoon press conference.

Investigators had not yet formally identified charred remains found in the burned-out structure, although they are believed to be those of Dorner.

Source: Dana Feldman for Reuters

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  • FatherPatriot

    Or, they may have burned it down on purpose like all the officers yelling “burn it down!” in the background of that tv report.

  • Zook

    The post at 4:05p showing my name is not from me.

  • Zook

    “may have” LOL seriously!?! uh yeah ya think and 6 is well over the ratio for the space as well

  • Zook

    Death by bullet or fire. Either way he died and we have one less crazy murdering people.

  • Danno

    Another Waco TX