Ted Nugent defends himself in Washington Times editorial.

"...I begged everyone to register and vote, because warriors give…

…I begged everyone to register and vote, because warriors give up their lives so that we can. I spotlighted cockroaches and rallied those who care to stomp ‘em out at the voting booth in November, as is my duty as an American.

By no stretch of the imagination did I ever threaten anyone’s life, or hint of violence or mayhem. Metaphors needn’t be explained to educated people.

I passionately rallied the American civilian troops to stand up for what is right and demand that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights be once again the measure of all laws and policies in America.

Then in their ever-desperate scramble to divert attention from the crimes of their communist leaders, the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” left-wing media and terminally liberal Democrats circled their battlewagons of deceit and hate and unleashed their tsunami of lies about me and everything I said.

To me, my family and thinking America, the dysfunctional left-wing hate hysteria was laughable. I became the No. 1 global tweet entity, while every newspaper and America-hating television and radio gang literally tripped over themselves in a feeble attempt to out-lie each other…

Read the entire editorial at The Washington Times.

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  • George

    Where was he when he was called to defend his country? As he said it himself in more than several interviews, he was home taking meth, urinating and crapping his pants and sexing up underage women. He’s no patriot, he’s a law breaker, traitor, coward and pedo and also a serial poacher.

  • tony chan

    If you don’t think the liberals are after the second amendment, just look at all the bs restrictions they are coming up with. Yes I know it won’t happen over night but I also know it takes time to change a nation. Change that we don’t need. If you give them the bricks to build, they will. Give them nothing to build with, and they can’t. Why. Give them anything?

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    TexasDoubleTap ! It doesn’t hurt us, one iota to promulgate the idea that Obama intends to take Gun Rights by Executive Fiat.

  • TexasDoubleTap

    I’m all for the second amendment, as I conceal and carry everyday in Texas. But lets be honest here, thinking that Obama is going to take away our weapons is like living in Kansas and preparing for a volcano. It’s just not going to happen, quit being scared and get over it!

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle


  • John in NC

    Millions of supporters thank you Uncle Ted!!!!!

  • Rick

    Uncle Ted has done so much for our 2nd amendment rights! I only wish all gun owners were half as passionate about our God given and constitutional right.If we all were the left anti-gun haters would not stand a chance in trying to take our freedoms away.Thank you Ted for all you do to fight for me and my family.

  • Jim Mullin

    I just wish that someone would call Obama America’s first WHITE COMMUNIST president.He’s WHITE!his’ natural birth mother was a honkie!A commie honkie momma.

  • jeff

    DG, what rights have you lost in the last 3 years? I’m curious, did I miss something? I can still vote, buy a gun, carry it, go hunting, fishing, buy beer, go to church, watch sports on tv, travel, write an opinion piece in the local newspaper, etc., etc.
    Where is the repression? Where are the armed troops in the streets? I can’t see it from here.
    Do I need different colored glasses?

  • Richard

    Keep fighting good fight Ted.

  • DG

    Dan all I can say is it takes one to know one, If we do not defend our second amendment rights then we might as well become a dictatorship because that is what we are looking to become if Obama gets re-elected.And he won’t stop there we will eventually lose all our rights that so many have died to protect

  • Mike in Florida

    The Liberals will always go after free thinkers when they speak the Truth. Stay Strong Ted.

  • Dan

    What a douchebag.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Hang in there Uncle Ted!!!!!!