Tennessee gun rights vs property rights battle heats up in Nashville.

Image: missouri-news.org At issue is a push by gun advocates…

Image: missouri-news.org

At issue is a push by gun advocates for laws enabling gun owners to keep firearms in their locked vehicles on their employers’ parking lots regardless of company policy.

One bill, SB 2992, would give gun owners the right to sue employers for requiring them to disclose whether an employee or job applicant possesses, uses or transports guns, or for banning them from keeping guns in their locked cars.

The other bill, SB 3002, prohibits a business owner or public or private employer from banning the transport or storage of a gun in a locked private vehicle of a person legally allowed to own a gun when the vehicle is parked in any location it is otherwise permitted to be.

Source: Richard Locker for The Commercial Appeal.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    The company doesnt own my vehicle or anything in it. They dont own anything in my pockets or on my persons.