Tennessee lawmakers consider allowing guns on college campuses.

For many people guns and schools mix like oil and…

For many people guns and schools mix like oil and water.

The fact is, it’s illegal to carry a gun on a college or university campus in Tennessee, at least for now. A proposal to allow full-time faculty and staff to go armed, if they have a concealed carry permit, is set for a Tuesday showdown at the state capital.

East Tennessee State University Director of Public Safety Jack Cotrel says, “if this become law it will not reduce violent crime. It has the potential to increase violent crime on this campus.”

Source: Preston Ayres for WCYB.

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  • Mark Trebian

    The only way Mr. Cotrel’s statement makes any sense at all is if faculty and staff who have carry permits suddenly change character and become criminalistic with the passing of this law. He also assumes any faculty or staff who decide to take the training necessary to obtain a carry permit are intending to commit violent crimes. I contend that the opposite will be true. Violent crime will decrease because unstable individuals intent on violent crime will no longer have the luxury of gun free zones (which are really kill freely zones until the police arrive) because there will be a law-abiding force immediately available to stop them.