Tennessee sheriff auctions 445 seized firearms to the public.

Sgt. Tim Carver, left, and Sgt. Greg Earps sort guns…

Sgt. Tim Carver, left, and Sgt. Greg Earps sort guns for the auction. Photo by Angela Lewis.

The law enforcement agency pulled 445 firearms dating back to the 1970s from its evidence room, Sheriff Joe Guy said as he stood before the crowd at Bid To Buy Auction.

Guy held up rifles and handguns, pulling back the slides for potential buyers to see as auctioneers rattled off escalating numbers.

“I feel like it’s my responsibility to make them available for sale,” Guy said. “We take them from lawbreakers and make them available for law-abiding citizens. … A well-armed, law-abiding populace makes my job easier.”

State lawmakers two years ago made it legal for law enforcement agencies to auction firearms and use the proceeds to buy equipment.

Source: Beth Burger for Times Free Press.

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  • Jim Mullin

    Don’t some of these guns have rightful owners?