Tennessee tourist pleads guilty to bringing her pistol on vacation to NYC, gets no jail time.

Image: socialphy.com A Tennessee woman arrested for bringing her gun…

Image: socialphy.com

A Tennessee woman arrested for bringing her gun along on a visit to New York City has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge.

Meredith Graves was spared jail time under the plea deal.

Graves, a registered nurse from Knoxville, Tenn., pleaded guilty Monday to criminal possession of a weapon.

She was arrested Dec. 22 after she tried to check her pistol with security officials on a visit to the 9/11 memorial at the World Trade Center.

Source: The Associated Press via Fox News.

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  • Jay C. (in Florida)

    It is a pity that NY is a Communist City full of naive sheep that allows their rights Constitutional Rights to be disregarded. It serves them right since they believe and accept every perverted view from Bloomberg. I doubt NY will ever honor any state’s CW License. Therefore we should never honor NYPD’s desire to leave their jurisdiction with their weapon.

  • HumbledWhiteMan2012

    New York City,it’s government and people are f**ked up in the head.Any laws of any state that arrests an American citizen for carrying their own legal( not stolen )firearm is totalitarian.espeically a city with over 22,000 cops armed to the teeth with military style weaponry.Government “servents” have switched roles with the citizen/taxpayer/voter/employer who the are supposed to work for.We should be telling the government to stop arming millions of it’s employees while trying to deny the citizen the right to bear arms,militia quality arms,MILITARY quality arms.Everyone is always saying you don’t need a militia because we have the National Guard.What does the National Guard carry for arms? A Winchester Model 70 in 270? no,they carry M4s,M16s,M240s,m60s,M2 50s all the way up to heavy artillery and fighter jets.Leave the Tennessee lady alone NY,if you weren’t so brainwashed and ignorant you’d demand your gun rights.Too much drugs in your system i suppose. To think that Tennessee HONORS the NY state handgun permit.

  • Kipp

    bad deal…..