TenPoint’s Phantom Xtra on display at Cincinnati Art Museum.

TenPoint Crossbows is excited to announce that its Phantom Xtra…

TenPoint Crossbows is excited to announce that its Phantom Xtra crossbow model is on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum in the museum’s Heavy Metal: Arms & Armor exhibition from October 23, 2010 to January 16, 2011.

The exhibition details the medieval ideal of secular power forged on the battlefield. All of the weaponry and armor on display are medieval in design and origin with the exception of the crossbow exhibit. The crossbow display includes TenPoint’s Phantom Xtra along side a beautifully crafted – and, no doubt very expensive in its time – German crossbow from the 1600’s. The spanner shown in front of the medieval crossbow was used to cock it.

“We are honored that the museum invited us to contribute to the exhibit,” said TenPoint CEO Rick Bednar. “Being able to compare state-of-the- art crossbow technology that is centuries apart clearly shows what modern materials and construction techniques can do to improve the performance of a basic design concept that is not much different than it was during the Elizabethan Era.”

For more information check out TenPoint’s website here.

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