Test firing footage of bullpup Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG) (video).

The KSG is a dual fed bull-pup pump action shotgun.…

The KSG is a dual fed bull-pup pump action shotgun. It has two tubular magazines that hold 7 rounds each that you must manually switch between with a selector switch. Casings eject downwards.

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  • Jim P

    One Bad Mambajamma,Awesome self defence close quarters shotgun,High Capicity,Pump ,rather than a semi auto thats prone to jam,if you want a compact self defence weapon,with 14 rounds of any mixed load of shot you would like,get this KSG,,I use 2-00,3-000 buckshot,then a Couple slugs,in a rotation and that seems to prove effective for my needs, Buy one if you can find one,there hard to find as they sell as soon as they hit a shops doors

  • Justin

    They ruined it by making it pump.

  • Steven S

    I WANT ONE NOW !!!.

    Hope the state of NY dont ban them !!!!.