Texas Border Patrol equipped with 34-foot powerboat and six 30-caliber machine guns divided among four firing positions (video).


Border Patrol Boats Armed to the Teeth: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

The boat has six 30-caliber machine guns divided among four firing positions. And its defense is just as aggressive as its offense.

“This front area here will be lined with bulletproof glass,” said state trooper Erik Burse as he gave FOX 26 News the grand tour. “The panels that we have on the side here will be bulletproof shields.”

The craft is the first of six new boats outfitting the newly-created Marine Unit of the Texas Highway Patrol.

“It’s an area that the Zeta drug cartels are notorious for bringing drugs into the United States across that lake at night,” explained Texas congressman Ted Poe.

Source: Ned Hibberd for My Fox Houston.


  • Joe

    This article reads like if the Border Patrol received this new vessel.

    Texas Department of Public Safety (Tx DPS) received this new vessel, not U.S. Border Patrol.

    However, it’s one up on U.S. Law Enforcement on the South Texas Border……

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    and yet some claim we dont have an issue