Texas doomsday bunker manufacturer talks prepping 101 (video).

For the past 14 years Scott Bales has been in…

For the past 14 years Scott Bales has been in the business of building bunkers, shelters that can withstand just about anything designed to keep unwelcome guests out including zombies.

“If you spend about half a million dollars on a bunker and you were going to hide there if their was a collapse you wouldn’t want anybody knowing where it is because they’re going to know you have food and water in that bunker and they’re going to come and get it,” Bales explained.

Bales says he sells about 2500 bunkers every year and says he not only sells to Preppers, he has his own.

Source: Kristen Shanahan for KXII.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    but doesnt know the meaning of OPSEC