Texas law enforcement agencies receive federal funding to install COPsync’s information sharing software.

COPsync, Inc., a software technology provider to law enforcement and…

COPsync, Inc., a software technology provider to law enforcement and emergency service professionals, announces today that the Grand Saline Police Department and the Lindale Police Department were awarded grant funding through the Recovery Act – Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant to implement the COPsync information sharing technology. The technology will bring them into compliance with federal mandates established by the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in regards to interoperability and information sharing.

COPsync, Inc. CEO Russell Chaney said, “With the assistance of COPsync, Inc., these agencies have been awarded federal funds by the Bureau of Justice Assistance for implementation of COPsync. By adding this technology infrastructure, the Grand Saline and the Lindale Police Departments are providing their officers unprecedented levels of safety and efficiency. Communication, dissemination of information, and statistical analysis will all improve with COPsync. We are pleased that federal authorities and state councils of governments are beginning to financially support information sharing initiatives.”

By utilizing the COPsync software, law enforcement officers on the software network are able to view all activity generated on a particular subject or fugitive, even to the point of being able to view reports or citations. If an individual has been determined to be a safety threat, has an active warrant for their arrest, is listed as a runaway or otherwise flagged in the system, all law enforcement officers on the network having contact with that individual are immediately alerted. This information allows law enforcement officers to prepare and respond intelligently to a potential threat.

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