Texas man steps between crazed shooter and baby.

He was sitting in his house off of Oldham Road…

He was sitting in his house off of Oldham Road in Bexar County, when 62-year-old Roger Clanton said he heard four gunshots.

There he saw a woman, 20-year-old Katie Fierro, shot to death, a baby shot in the head, and a man with a gun.

“I wasn’t going to let him shoot that baby again,” said Clanton. So Clanton stood between the shooter and the baby.
Clanton said he told the man “don’t even think about it.”

The shooter, later identified as 20-year-old Landon Keller, ran into his house. Clanton said he kept his gun pointed at the door Keller went inside until deputies showed up. Inside the Bexar County home, Keller shot himself.

Source: Brian New for KENS 5.

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