Texas only border state to allow LEOs to shoot at suspects from helicopters

Allen Lash photo Texas is the only border state that…

Allen Lash photo

Texas is the only border state that allows and trains its officers to fire on suspects from airborne helicopters, a policy the Department of Public Safety says is necessary to combat increasing drug and human trafficking operations, the Austin American-Statesman reported Sunday.

California, Arizona and New Mexico — the other three states that border Mexico — do not all have explicit rules that bar officers from firing from a helicopter, but told the newspapertheir troopers know not to do something that risky.

Texas trains officers to fire from the air, officials with the Department of Public Safety said. Trooper Miguel Avila, whose shots from a helicopter killed two unarmed illegal immigrants from Guatemala last month, received 44 hours of specialized training in aircraft operations and tactical shooting.

Learn more from the Associated Press article and the Statesman article here.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    I wouldnt base anything I did on Kalifornia or liberal love the thug new mexico policies. Do what is called for