Texas PD offers active shooter response training to citizens (video).

"Even if our officers are ready, which they are, and…

“Even if our officers are ready, which they are, and I am confident of that,” Officer Chris Paine said, “if we focus all our attention and training to our officers alone, then we may have missed the big picture in keeping our community safe by 250,000 to 300,000 people for our region.”

So, LPD is offering training for citizens as well on how to survive in an active shooter situation. Paine said the training is geared toward businesses and citizen groups.

“If they show interest in the program, we would respond with our instructors to their location, and do an intial site survey, or a security threat assessment of where they work or their venue,” Paine said. “And then we would take pictures, or video, or anything else that we need to do, and tailor our program to fit their venue.”

Source: Bailey Miller for My Fox Lubbock.

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  • Eric Webb

    A potentially very positive program, espectially in light of potentially helping to reverse in some way the “victim culture” encouraged by the Left. Hopefully the agency carefully manages the media relations aspect, especially since the Media will almost certainly “pounce” on anything even remotely similar to the Zimmerman Case. Kudos to those with the courage to even propose, much less approve the program, which would probably never happen in a major urban area. Concerning legal resources, private individuals participating in the agency’s program may want to consider the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network as a potentially useful collateral source of legal information as well as Massad Ayoob’s courses, which I found went to a depth beyond my academy training in the areas of private citizen self-defense.