Texas State Univ. student senate votes to oppose campus gun ban.

After narrowly failing by only three votes last week to…

After narrowly failing by only three votes last week to endorse the current gun ban at Texas State University in San Marcos, Melanie Ferrari, the president of the school’s associated student government, will decide whether to sign or veto an emergency measure opposing the policy that passed by a 15-vote margin Monday night.

Ferrari declined comment until after Tuesday’s decision on the action by its 57-member Senate representing the school’s 32,000 students.

Up the road in Austin, the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature next year is poised to consider whether to adopt “campus carry” at state-funded institutions of higher learning among students at least 21 years of age, who undergo background checks and meet other criteria.

“The students at Texas State should be commended for educating themselves on a complex issue,” said W. Scott Lewis, the legislative director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

Source: Jessie Degollado for KSAT 12.

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