Thank you United States war veterans.

Click image to enlarge. U.S. Navy SEALs perform a demonstration…

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U.S. Navy SEALs perform a demonstration during a weekend show at a Navy SEAL reunion in Virgina Beach, Va. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Amber K. Whittington) (Released)

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  • Andre’

    Excellent message. Nothing can compare to the Marine ability to storm and seize defended beaches. Thank you for your service Colonel and thanks to all the veterans and families of veterans who never came home that we honor today. As our good friend and contributor R. Lee Ermey signs off; Semper Fi!

  • SEALS DO NOT SEIZE BEACHES….MARINES PROJECT POWER FROM THE SEA…OUR BROTHER SEALS…utilize THEIR MACHINE GUNS, MARK 23s, and other close in weapons to seek out and destroy our enemies up close and personal. God Bless all of Our Republics Warriors…Never forget the ultimate sacrifice of our past and present warriors. The list of War Dead has grown by 7 as of yesterdays IED attack on our brave Soldiers in Afghanistan.