All photos by Bryce Towsley Under the leadership of Sheldon…

All photos by Bryce Towsley

Under the leadership of Sheldon Carruth, the Larue Texas Multi-Gun Championship has emerged as one of the “must do” 3-Gun matches in the country.

This year the match had a WWII Pacific Theater theme. In fact, they had a WWII category in which the shooters used the guns of the war: a pump 12-gauge shotgun, a single-stack 1911 .45 ACP pistol and either an M1, SMLE or Lee-Enfield rifle. My Benelli teammate Rob Romero took first place for that class.


Pacific Reenactment
While the scores were being compiled after the match ended on Sunday morning, the crew from The Living History Detachment of the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas, put on a demonstration.


This started with a description and demonstration of the guns of the Pacific war by Marvin Schroeder, the Living History Director.


That was followed by a mock battle for control of a Japanese held bunker, with explosions, smoke and lots of gunshots as the American forces assaulted the well-fortified stronghold. After a hard-fought, battle they advanced on the bunker, shooting and tossing grenades until the flamethrower was able to move in close enough to finish the job in dramatic fashion. Then, they removed the Japanese flag and raised the Stars & Stripes.


It was a wonderful reenactment and a sober reminder of the hell that was WWII and the heroism of those who fought to save the world. For information on the Texas Multi-Gun Championships 3-Gun match, visit For information on the National Museum of the Pacific War and a schedule of battle reenactments visit



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