Third attempted robbery in a week thwarted by armed Columbus, Ohio area citizen.

For the third time in a week an armed citizen…

For the third time in a week an armed citizen has stopped an armed robbery, this time without a shot being fired.

Erick Tehoke, who had just gotten his concealed carry license three months ago, was approached by a would-be robber while sitting in his SUV after making a withdrawal from a Columbus ATM. When the robber demanded his money, Tehoke drew his handgun and the robber fled.

“I did not see anything that looked like a knife or looked like a gun it was just an instant reaction and I pulled my weapon,” Tehoke told Channel 10 news.

This is yet the latest example of the estimated 1-2 million defensive uses of a handgun each year that end without violence, many of them unreported to police or the media. Two other robberies were recently stopped, both in Toledo, when the intended victims shot their attackers.

One again, concealed carry proves to be successful despite the lies spread by the gun ban movement.

Source: Daniel White for Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner.

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  • How did concealed carry thwart this robbery? It was only when the would-be criminal SAW the gun that he re-thought his actions.

    This is a good article, but it would have been a great one if the author had not specified ‘concealed’ carry. Open Carry, Concealed Carry, the important thing is that you carry.

  • ARA

    THIS is why we carry.