Toledo, Ohio police veteran surprises needy family with food (video)

When he arrived at the scene Saturday, he found a…

When he arrived at the scene Saturday, he found a woman on the brink of taking her own life.”She told me that her and her husband wasn’t working.” said Woods. “They didn’t have no food in the house. The kids was hungry.”

After one stressful day too many, Faith Dashner had had enough. “I just wanted to say goodbye world. I don’t want to be here. I’m done,” said Faith, who was threatening to end her life by taking a bottle’s worth of prescription pills.

She told Officer Woods that she was upset because they had no money for food.

“They said they hadn’t had food in the house for four or five days. I said, ‘How are you feeding the kids?’ She said, ‘we’re not.’ That’s when the little one told me she hadn’t eaten in two days,” explained Woods.

After leaving the house, Woods decided he wasn’t going to let the story end there. He said something had to be done, starting at the grocery store.

After spending $100 on groceries at Kroger, he then went to his own freezer and took out roasts, steaks and vegetables. On his day off, Woods took all the food and hand delivered it to the front door of the Dashner family.

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