Top Secret UK files left on train in London

LONDON — Secret intelligence assessments of Al Qaeda and Iraq’s…

LONDON — Secret intelligence assessments of Al Qaeda and Iraq’s security forces were left on a commuter train in London, causing the Metropolitan police to open an investigation Wednesday.  The documents belonged to a “very senior” intelligence official working in the Cabinet Office, which reports to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and were found Tuesday evening by a passenger on a train heading from London’s Waterloo Station to Surrey, the BBC reported.

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  • The incredible careless and lack of attention to detail on the part of this “senior official” is almost beyond words. It makes me wonder if this official was a political appointment or someone that worked his way through the ranks. It also makes me wonder who is responsible for documents such as this being taken out of the facility. Shouldn’t there be a certified, armed carrier in possession of these kind of things FOR the senior official?