Trio of gun-rights bills up for debate.

An unlikely trio of House members has introduced an eclectic…

An unlikely trio of House members has introduced an eclectic trio of gun-rights bills — one of which is a direct challenge to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other big-city mayors.

With the support and aid of the Kansas State Rifle Association, Reps. Jana Goodman, Connie O’Brien and Jim Kelly came into the session locked and loaded, on a mission to make Kansas legally safer for gun sellers, gun manufacturers and corrections officers who want to conceal and carry.

“It’s in the Constitution, and that right should be defended for self-protection,” Goodman said when asked why she is championing the gun bills.

Goodman, R-Leavenworth, is a gregarious first-term legislator who says she became acquainted with firearms early in life as an “Army brat” in Texas.

Kelly, R-Independence, is a bespectacled banker who is also in his first term. He said while he wouldn’t call himself a “gun enthusiast,” he does support the Second Amendment.

O’Brien, R-Tonganoxie, is a silver-haired soft-spoken second-termer. Like the other two, she doesn’t hunt, but she went through hunter safety training with her son when he was 10.

“I’d never touched a gun or shot a gun until then,” she said. “Later on I went and received my concealed carry license. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m carrying.”

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